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About Us

Odinaala Institute is registered in Europe and Nigeria as a Cultural educational organization.

We have proven track record when it comes to teaching about Odinaala Igbo. We make it as simple and practical as possible. If you are a result oriented person who likes to be in total touch with the articles of your knowlegde, you can always count on us.

If you are the academic type that wants to have a global overview about traditions and philosophies, you will not be alone with us.

We cover the entire basic structures in Odinaala Igbo, from NtuAla, NsoAla, IwuAla and OmenaAla. We make sure you have concrete and working understanding about those Igbo structures and other selected worldviews globally.


Go here to find details about our program.

The Strength Of Many Is In the One, And The Welfare Of The One Is The True Test Of Integrity Of The Many.


The organization offers the first of its kind, academic insights into Igbo ancient tradition, culture, language, artifacts and sciences, as means of cultural education and preservation of Igbo language, which according to UNESCO will be extinct in the next 50 years.


The cultural orientation and educational platform is designed for the benefit of Igbo people globally, who are seeking to know more about Odinaala Igbo and how its moral tools can be useful to enhance ethical behaviors in our society of today.


The organization is open to everyone around the world who wishes to learn or work with us in the area of social and cultural educational development, as one of the major tools to minimize global technological damages to our environments.


The organization has at its core values, the free support of cultural education for young Igbo children and orientation of adults to understand the role of Igbo culture and modern society of today.

The Institute provides a tuition-based step-by-step modern thought educational curriculum for the learning and understanding of Odinaala Igbo according to the school's philosophy.

Igbo Heritage Education provides all-time free general adult introductory Odinaala Igbo, and tuition-free education for children between the age of 3 to 16 years.    

When The Mind Is Fed With Truth And Discipline, It Fills The Society With Progress and Order.

--- Meet Our Team ---

Making the future together

Igbo Heritage Education is a group for sharing Igbo cultural education; as a way to rekindle the spirit of excellence, unity among Igbos and anybody desiring nobility of the mind, the necessary ingredient for global peace and cooperation.


Enyinnaya Uwazie

Enyinnaya, is the Institute's Administrator.

He has good insights and experience in classical Igbo system, and modern sciences. Additionally, he has degree in Philosophy; with special interests in Theoretical physics. 


Chisom Ndefo

Chisom, she is one of the institute's teachers .


She is driven with the motion of preserving Igbo culture and promoting Igbo traditions.

 She has a masters degree in Business administration.


Chukwudi Mba 

Chukwudi, is one of the Institute's Project coordinators.

He is dedicated towards the education of ancient traditional Igbo knowledge and social development.

A Computer scientist by qualification specialising in database theory, data structure development and designs.


Ezemmuo Iheanyichukwu Anyanwu

Iheanyichukwu, is Akaji Ugo Amadioha Otammiri Egbu, and a teacher in Odinaala Institute.


He is also a member of Mmanwu organization and practicing Igbo Dibia; majoring in the area of Afa, Igbo Psychology, Igbo Philosophy, Igbo spirituality, and Igbo metaphysics.

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Social Innovation Expert is an innovative organization with the aim to repeatedly create and build innovation into companies & organizations.


the 4 pillars of the institute


Our teachings have really provided many with that practical guide they need to making life easier


We give our time into providing the best Igbo cultural awareness


The goal of any well meaning organization such as ours is to contribute to a peaceful and progressive society


Knowledge without expression is dead, therefore we also teach the applicability and role of culture within social development and technology

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