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program Description

Mmuta Bu Mmepe Obodo

This educational program is developed from the study of Igbo classical thoughts, derived from the evidences resulting from the analysis of Igbo language, artifacts, festivals and oral traditions as passed down from generation to generation. The purpose of the program is to give dynamic information about Odinaala Igbo as a native philosophy, by providing objective and progressive academic environment to study the subjects of Odinaala Igbo.

Igbo cosmology is primarily in oral form, ceremony and arts, which make it rather difficult to understand the exact information being passed along, as it can often be misinterpreted or misrepresented by people who could not understand the intellectual framework on which they were designed originally.

So in this program, we will be studying all the traditional ideologies alongside few modern thoughts that share similar structures for comprehensive understanding.


Who can join this program?

This program is Igbo oriented, but not closed to other people who are interested in the growth and development of Igbo philosophy.

Course expectation

During the course of this first level, you will be exposed to the key functions of the cultural ideology - Odinaala Igbo, through theoretical presentation on how our classical system operates. You will also discover the ways the system evolved, the human capacities and application within the system.

 We will also learn how the system integrated various potentialities to achieve strategic productions, developmental and competitive environment; and the problem-solving incentives across organizations and enterprises within classical Igbo system.


Each subject is released on weekly basis, allowing a flexible but structured approach to understanding Odinaala Igbo and worldviews.

You will get all the needed support as you engage in individual work and group discussions, ensuring confidence while delivering the required feedbacks.

Courses, Codes and Titles

ODI-01-01 introduction to odinaala/ philosophy

This course will be introducing the origin, meaning and purpose of philosophical thinking using Igbo framework.

ODI-01-02  introduction to logic

In this course we will be introducing general overview of Igbo logical reasoning, development, purposes and global overview.

ODI-01-03 introduction to physics

This course introduces the meaning of physics, basic principles of physics, in relation to philosophical inquiry and logical reasoning, using Igbo framework.

ODI-01-04 Origin of the universe

In this course, we will be exploring the origin of the universe from the classical Igbo conceptual framework and other accounts from around the world.

ODI-01-07  introduction to Psychology

In this course we will be introducing Igbo Psychological knowledge, development, purposes and general overview.

ODI-01-05 Origin of Nature

This course will be studying the origin of Nature from classical Igbo perspectives and other selected worldview from around the world.

ODI-01-06 Origin of life

Also in this course, we will be looking at what is life and its origin according to the classical Igbos, in comparison with other scientific outlooks.

Course levels

Our course has three levels and is derived from academic structures in the classical Igbo system.


During the process of this education certain traditional terms might be rendered academically different from what is obtainable in Igbo society ordinarily. This is done intentionally to provide the best academic operational environment as possible, of which the basic terms must be explained.


NwaAla: This level presents general introduction about subjects, within Igbo cultural standpoint in relation with other worldviews.


DiAla: This level gives more detailed studies about subjects, and insights into the relationship between the mind and environment.


OkaAla: studies about specialties in relation with the dynamics of the mind, environment, society; and various applications.

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