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What is Odinaala Igbo?

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Odinaala Igbo as the name suggests is a question and a direction-oriented statement implying "is it in the land? or What is in the land/ earth?". 'It is in the land' (Odinaala) (and Not Above -
Heaven, which is in the contrary) is a code-word that the ancient Igbos used to reveal and tell each other about the Way of Life which they ought to continually follow. 

As we can observe that everything including man himself has inseparable relationship with the land/earth, which makes Odinaala an academic inquiry, a body of knowledge or philosophy that studies and answers everything that man can observe, which affects his life, both in culture, society, metaphysics, science and technology.


Odinaala is an Igbo indigenous philosophy of nature, man and the society. It is included among the 5 pillars of Igbo conceptual systems, the other four being: NtuAla, NsoAla, IwuAla and OmenaAla. These are the basic blueprint of understanding the classical Igbo socio-political frameworks.


Odinaala studies and explains the other 4 pillars. With its tools and methodologies carefully crafted into Igbo language, understanding the purpose of the ancient system is made easy if its rules of engagement are followed and respected.

The future is today for us, and we teach the future with the foundations of the past.

the main academic structures covered by the institute


This conceptual discipline studies the entire traditional and cultural departments 


This department deals with theoretical layouts of the traditional worldviews 


This department deals with the relationship between ideals and reality


The actual rules and guidelines of social operations are treated in this section


This section contains social activities, relations and commercial actions

For more detailed and structured information, join us in our academic program.

Ancient Housing

Ancient Housing

One of Igbo Ukwu Bronze works

One of Igbo Ukwu Bronze works

Cultural masquerades

Cultural masquerades

Bronze ornamental staff head

Bronze ornamental staff head

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