Fees, duration and Benefits

Fee Structure


The fee structure of the Institute is flexible because the purpose of this platform is to provide traditional education and not solely for profit making. But for the reason of sustaining the operations of this school, its goals and ideals, this advanced cultural education is charged.


Duration and Fees


Level-1 is 12 weeks. Course fee: 40€ (15, 520 Naira).

Level-2 is 14 weeks. Course fee: 60€ (20, 280 Naira).


Level-3 is 16 weeks. Course fee: 80€ (25, 120 Naira).

(Excluding orientation period)

Fees can be paid at once or on two time basis.

(But contact us for two time payment option)


Entry requirement:

  1. Igbo language and basic education.

  2. English language and basic education.

Application is closed.

Note: We are still offering all time FREE Igbo cultural orientation and education for children through our non-profit organization known as Igbo Heritage Education.

For more information about our free orientation platform, send us your request here


  • Free one year full access to our seminars and conferences.
  • One year social interaction group membership in the school’s private social media group if so wish for the exchange of information.
  • Free course update materials on the courses taken after one year of completion.
  • Free consultation.
  • Free to use the school’s Blog to submit scholarly posts during and after one year of studies.
  • Membership in our Innovation Web forum.
  • Registration reduction on courses offered by Social Innovation Expert organization.
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