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  • What is Odinaala Igbo
    Odinaala Igbo as the name suggests is what is in the land, as we all know everything including man himself came from the land, which makes Odinaala a complete body of knowledge or philosophy that deals and studies everything that man can observe that affects his life, both in culture, society, metaphysics, science and technology. So Odinaala is an Igbo indigenous philosophy of nature and the understanding of things within it, for the betterment of Igbo land and the world all over.
  • What is Omenaala Igbo?
    Omenaala basically is the actions that are performed in the land, like culture, language, food, agriculture, dressing and housing, is just the way of life of the Igbos that distinguished us from other people around us. Even though we never lived in isolation, even though we share many things in common with the entire world, but our Omenaala and Odinaala is unique to us that offers us the window to see and interpret our world the way it will make sense to us and help us build our lives. It helps us to use our culture and language to develop science and technology in a way that will not be against our way of life and culture as it is today.
  • How much can my child pay for the education?
    Your child is covered by our community service program, meaning he or she will pay NOTHING!
  • How can I find my Chi?
    Your Chi is your life energy, learn to understand yourself through skills and disciplines, you have found how to live and work with your Chi.
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