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Odinaala Institute is a cultural educational organization that provides objective framework for the understanding, research and development of Igbo language, culture and philosophy.

The organization has within its core values, the goal to offer the great wealth of information within Odinaala Igbo in an objective and practical forms, thereby opening more cooperative and analytical windows into learning and understanding the ancient knowledge and systems.

-Empowering the minds That

Will Form The Future-

About Us

Teaching The Igbo Ancient Knowledge And Culture In The Modern World

Our Courses

Discovering the knowledge of the ancients through academics.

Understanding Odinaala Igbo, Its Rudimentary Physics And The Modern World

Understanding The Classical Igbo Thoughts On Metaphysics, Spirituality, Philosophy, Culture, Arts, Science, Music, Society, Economy And Skill Acquisition

Learn The Science And Philosophy of Igbo Language, Myths And Folklore

Dedicated Teachers

Odinaala Institute has good networking of teachers helping the organization achieve its goal in education and cultural orientation. 

Our Course Benefits

Online Community

Considering the nature of our cultural educational contents and operations, we have large online networks of people, students, children and partners working together to make our purpose worthwhile.

Flexible Curriculum

Our studies and information is flexible and tailored to individual needs. We do not have a rigid learning culture because we understand the diversity of the world and people. 


Odinaala Institute is truly a citadel of ancient knowledge.

Ebube Dike

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