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Ama-Ala (Classical Igbo System Of Government)

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Introduction into Igbo classical government.


The word Ama-Ala etymologically means, Ama ‘to know, understand, correspond or witness’ and Ala means ‘environment, earth or nature’. Traditionally, this system as the study and traditional meaning suggests, is a system of government in which the operators or officials have undergone advanced training and have understood the fundamental principles of the land, Both in the form of Matter or Energy; and are applying them in the management of their own lives and the society.

The philosophy of Ama-Ala is the study of the earth and her operational laws, their relationship with human existence, and how to apply them in organizing and managing societies for Peace, Progress and Order.

To have the entire Philosophy of Ama-Ala and its organs and structures, please contact the organization for proper guide, as the organization has resolved to pass the information within her Cultural Heritage classes.

Thanks for your time, in reading this introductory piece to the ancient Igbo system of government.

For more detailed studies, register for our course.

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