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The Undying Beats of Ancient Philosophy

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

The binding spirit of a people is their culture when understood, also a disease if misrepresented, misconceived and passed down to the next generation.

- -Enyinnaya


What is culture? Culture is the complete system of living of a particular group of people and the way they naturally developed based on the environment they found themselves in. Based on the feedback they receive from the environment, a people constitutes systems, rules, language, traditions, and etc so that they can live together and in harmony with their environment.

Every land in the world has differences in terms of geography, climate, temperature, resources, plants, animals and vegetation. A group of people therefore, tend to develop special sets of mechanisms to survive, feed, control themselves, and etc in order to live in harmony with their people and the environment-these characteristics represent the culture of a people.

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